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Collection - Suite Dreams

About SuiteDreams


Not All Luxury Suites are Created the Same…..

Different luxury suites can deliver different experiences. Aside from extra space, there’s the service, amenities and typically exceptional views but what about the other particulars? Think opulence. Think prestige. If you are going to splurge for a larger accommodation, you want assurance in knowing exactly what suite you are getting, thereby ensuring the experience along with it.

Because Discerning Luxury Travelers Want to Know…..

The SuiteDreams global collection showcases luxury suites that have exceeded expectations and simply put, made for extraordinary vacation experiences. Each property has been closely studied during our stay and we want to pass along our homework to you, with detailed descriptions of each suite, captivating photography and most importantly, the room number! You can then reserve and request the exact room to eliminate a random room assignment. Our collection helps discerning luxury travelers make informed decisions because choosing the specific luxury suite is almost as important as selecting your destination.

** Highlighted properties do not pay or elect to be included in our collection **